Home News Why Simon Cowell Quits His Own Music Label Syco Music Here is the Reason

Why Simon Cowell Quits His Own Music Label Syco Music Here is the Reason

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Why Simon Cowell Quits His Own Music Label Syco Music Here is the Reason

Finally, Simon Cowell officially leaving his own music label Syco music day after one direction start Louis Tomlinson announced parting from the record label. After One Direction form on The X factor, Syco Music signed them. Thought band signed the contract Lois is the only member of the band who have access to release his solo music with this music label. But as Louis decided to move forward with another plan but the question is Why is Simon Cowell Cutting his ties with his own music label?

Simon Cowell Leaves Syco Music just after Louis exit from the Record Label

Simon is quitting Syco Music which is already sold to Sony Music back in 2005 because now Simon wants to give more focus on his own TV company Syco entertainment which produces Britain’s Got Talent, America’s Got Talent and such Got Talent shows across the globe. Recently Simon also bought Sony Entertainment stake in Syco Entertainment to gain full control of the company. For this Simon had to pay a massive amount to regain control over Syco Entertainment. Further Louis Tomlinson also tweed about parting his ways from Syco Music Label.

Simon Talked about his Future Plan in Interview

During Interview with Deadline, Simon shared how this quarantine period helped him to get lots of Ideas and he got lots of time to come up with a new format and idea. He also said “I have had more time than I’ve ever had before so we have,” he said, “for instance, three new formats which we didn’t have 12 months ago because I’ve had the time to work on them, develop them properly and the last time I did that or had the time to do it, honestly was around 2005 – which was about the time I came up with Got Talent. I’m very excited. I’ve always believed it’s important to take on new goals in order to drive new ideas and creativity. so I’m very excited to be taking an independent and creatively-led Syco Entertainment into the future.”

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