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Who is Exotic Bird on The Masked Dancer? Is It An American Idol 6 winner?

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The Sunday’s premiere of The Masked Dancer has something to take clues from. The Exotic Bird of The Masked Dancer is the winner of American Idol 6 winner Jordin Sparks. The clues coming from the Premier episode totally match up. It is important to note one thing that FOX cast contestants across many reality shows. Recently, Jordin Sparks was seen on the panel of I Can See Your Voice and she was also seen singing with a tragically bad contestant.


  • In the first shot of Sunday’s premiere, runners running on either side of Jordin (expected to be the face behind Exotic Bird) were seen wearing number ’17’. Jordin Sparks won American Idol, Season 6 at 17.
  • Exotic Bird was also heard saying that she started as a teen and “won big” (Winning American Idol). She was seen holding up a perfume bottle- Jordin had her own line of perfume and fragrances.
  • After that, she also shared that it wasn’t easy for her after getting success in the American Idol. She felt bad for losing (Jordin’s sophomore album was delayed for years after she was dropped by RCA) and her relationship (her relationship with Jason Derulo ended badly). She was also teased by trolls for her weight, was called a “big bird”.
  • Then, we see exotic bird baking. We know that Jordin loves baking and she has also appeared on baking shows and had also started her won Youtube series on Baking.
  • “Best by 07” on the egg carton can be connected to her competing in the American Idol in 2007.
  • The Exotic Bird was called a “true warrior” by the narrator. Where do warriors fight? On the battlefield of course. One of Jordin’s hit songs in 2009 was titled “Battlefield”.

Exotic Bird’s Word is “Scored”

Each contestant of The Masked dancer utters one word to the judges in their natural voice. The Exotic Bird spoke the word “Scored”. The natural speaking voice of the first Exotic Bird sounds familiar just like the voice of Jordin Sparks. The word “Scored” is also related to Jordin’s NFL dad who was a famous NFL player and who suited up for the New York Giants in the 90s.

Paula Abdul, a former American Idol judge is also on the panel of The Masked Dancer. She guesses Jennifer Hudson of Season 3 as the face behind Exotic Bird. But if it is true then why isn’t Paula ready to say yet?

Watch the performance of Exotic Bird on ‘Coma Calma’ by Daddy Yankee featuring Katy Perry. Everything can give us some hints, including the choices of the song. Could ‘Katy Perry’ who is also a current judge in American Idol be considered as a clue? Check out Exotic Bird’s ‘Word Up’ after her performance.

This year the panel of judges on The Masked Dancer includes Ashley Tisdale, Paula Abdul, Ken Jeong, and Brian Austin Green. Craig Robinson will host the show.  The show will be aired at its regular time slot Wednesday, Jan 6 at 8 pm on FOX.

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