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Recap of ‘The Voice’, Episode 13, Season 19, December 1: Top 17 artists becomes Top 9 artists after results

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Recap of ‘The Voice’, Episode 13, Season 19

In the last episode of ‘The Voice’ aired on Monday, top 17 artists performed live on stage and gave their best performance. America voted overnight for their loving artists and the winners would be revealed tonight. 8 artists out of the top 17 artists will be eliminated and Top 9 artists of the show would be revealed tonight. Here’s how the top 9 artists would be selected- The highest -voted singers from each team will immediately be qualified for the Top 9 and sail through, then each of the four coaches Blake Shelton, John Legend, Kelly Clarkson and Gwen Stefani will then choose one artist to move to the top 9. And the ninth artist will be selected via twitter instant save by American Votes.

In the 12th episode of ‘The Voice’, Ryan Gallagher’s shocking exit from the show was revealed by Carson Daly. Taryn Papa won the four-way knockout. All the top 17 artists then gave live performances on the stage. Now, only 9 artists out of top 17 artists will advance to the next stage of the show. Let’s see who got successful to advance to the next stage of ‘The Voice’ with the help of America’s votes.

8:10 p.m.- The first artist to advance to top 9 was Desz. After America’s votes came in favor of Desz, Kelly has to choose out of the three artists in her team and the artist that moved to the next stage was Cami Clune. We will see later in the episode if Tanner Gomes or Madeline Consoer will compete for the instant save.

8:15 p.m.- Carter Rubin from Team Gwen won the most votes and he advance to the next stage of the show. Gwen chose Ben Allen as the artist to advance to the list of top 9 artists. Joseph or Paul, who will have an opportunity for the instant save? We will find it later.

8:20 p.m.- Next to hear are the results from Team Blake. Ian Flanigan is saved by America’s votes and he advances to the Top 9. Blake decides to go with Jim Ranger out of the 4 artists left in his team. We will wait and see who will compete for the wildcard spot, Taryn Papa, Sid Kingsley or Worth the Wait.

8:25 p.m.- America chose John Holiday from Team Legend. Now, John is left with one artist to choose out of the remaining three artists from his team Tamara Jade, Chloe and Bailey Rae. John chose Tamara Jade to advance to the next stage. Now, Chloe Hogan or Bailey Rae will sing for the instant save.

8:30 p.m.- Tanner Gomes from Team Kelly, Worth the Wait from Team Blake, Payge Turner from Team Gwen and Bailey Rae from Team Legend will perform in tonight’s wildcard instant save.

Here are the performances of wildcard instant save artists-
1)Worth the Wait-
2)Payge Turner-
3)Tanner Gomes-
4) Bailey Rae-

And it’s result time, the winner of wildcard instant save is Bailey Rae.

So here is the list of the top 9 artists.

Top 9: Ben Allen and Carter Rubin (Team Gwen), Cami Clune and Desz (Team Kelly), Jim Ranger and Ian Flanigan (Team Blake) and Tamara Jade, John Holiday and Bailey Rae (Team Legend)

3 artists from Team Legend and 2 artist each from Team Kelly, Blake and Gwen advanced to the top 9.

That’s all from tonight’s episode of ’The Voice’ where we saw top 9 artists advance to the next stage of the show. Hope you like this blog post on ‘The Voice’. Feed Fame will keep you updated with all the exclusive content on famous Entertainment News and Reality TV shows.

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