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Gwen Stefani reveals how her faith has helped her through hard moments

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Gwen Stefani reveals how her faith has helped her through hard moments

The 51-year old singer and fashion designer opens up in an interview with Hoda and Jenna about what inspires her to hold on to faith and hope.

Gwen Stefani talked about what has helped her overcome hard and emotional moments in her life.

In an interview on Today with Hoda and Jenna on Thursday, Gwen talked about some insightful advice that Pharrell Wiliams once gave to her that helped her in her life and eventually led her down the road to her now fiancé, Blake Shelton. See her interview about her life in quarantine, wedding, and more in the video below.

“This is the thing, I always feel like this whole thing that we’re doing there, this life thing that we’re doing here, this life thing, is a test,” she said when Jenna Bush Hager asked her what she would say to those still waiting for their turn. “And basically, you get given all of these crazy challenges to trick you to think that maybe it’s not a test and maybe nothing good is going to be around the corner.”

“But I feel like it’s the way you handle things, you never know,” she continued. “You’re gonna be blessed. You got to ask for the blessings. You got to keep engaged. That’s how I believe. That’s how l live my life. I’m getting better at it. It’s something you have to work on. It’s like a spiritual exercise every single day.”

Before asking about her hard and emotional

“I had all most fetal positions for a while,” Stefani recalled. “I know that everything that happens in my life isn’t happening in time with what people see. That’s what people forget, although we are close to that these days with the Internet and the platforms that we all have.

“For me, I was turning to my faith right away. That was a seed that my mom planted in me when I was a little girl…..it’s a journey. It’s almost like you get lost, it’s like you get lost on your journey. We all do and we all will and I will again at some point I’m sure.

Stefani also remarked that some advice from Pharrell, her fellow judge, and friend on “The Voice” helped her a lot in life and made a profound impact on her.

“Once you open your eyes and you start looking, you will see”, Pharrell said to me. “I know that sounds kind of vague but it was so real for me. I just started to focus on, ‘What is real? What is my purpose? What am I doing here?

She said that after she started finding answers to these questions, she started reflecting on her own heartache and how by making music she may be able to help others.

She further added, “I tried to find what was my gift and my purpose. “In that horrible moment, I just said to myself, “This is happening to me for a purpose..a reason.” “I tried to go right in the studio. I knew that was the only thing I know how to do well, is write songs and I wrote ‘Truth’ record, she added referring to her album “This Is What the Truth Feels Like” which she released in 2016.

She also reflected on more aspects of her life in the interview. Watch his full interview here.

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