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Dancing With The Stars: Lindsay Arnold Criticized For Pandemic Vacation

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Dancing With The Stars: Lindsay Arnold Criticized For Pandemic Vacation

Dancing With The Stars pro dancer Lindsay Arnold is getting thrashed by fans for going on a holiday with family during a  global pandemic. Does she deserve this flak?

Lindsay Arnold’s fans are unhappy about her family vacation in the recent pandemic times. After she posted holiday photos of herself on Instagram (along with her newborn daughter and her husband) amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Lindsay’s fans are not happy with her. In early November of 2020, she gave birth to her daughter.

Lindsay Arnold performed for the first time during Season 16 of Dancing With The Stars and she has partnered alongside many celebrities such as Sean Spicer, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Jordan Fisher, and more. She has begged second place only once but was placed third many times. During Season 25 of Dancing With The Stars, she was the winner of the Mirror Ball Trophy. Due to family matters, Lindsay had to leave the show during DWTS Season 28. She and her fellow dancer Witney Carson were both absent during DWTS Season 29 due to pregnancies.

The DWTS pro dancer received a lot of flak from her fans on her recent post on Instagram about her recent family vacation photos amid the pandemic.  She posted photos of herself with her husband Carson and newborn two-month-old daughter Sage on the beach. Although her fans had a mixed reaction with many posting positive comments, some of her fans criticized the idea of traveling in the midst of the pandemic with her newborn daughter. One of the fans wrote, “we’re still in a global pandemic’. The other fan shared her concern over the holiday with the clarification that they did not intend to hate. See  Lindsay’s post below:

Another post of Lindsay with her two-month-old daughter:

After receiving criticism over her recent Instagram posts on her vacation, Lindsay confronted her haters adding a photo of herself with a “thumbs up” on her Instagram story.  She wrote, “This is my thumbs up to everyone out there who actually thinks it’s okay to comment or criticize anyone else’s parenting.”

Lindsay even said that those who are posting negative comments can unfollow her account. Many fans shared their love for Lindsay which outshined the haters and her fans even told her to ignore the negative comments and praised her for her postpartum bikini body.

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