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America’s Got Talent: The Champions’ Season 3 might get delayed- Here’s why

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America’s Got Talent: The Champions’ Season 3 might get delayed- Here’s why

Normally around this time, fans of “America’s Got Talent” are busy watching the latest season of the show on NBC. But due to many reasons, especially the Covid-19 pandemic, the competition won’t be back any time soon. Fans have to wait for some time till the show gets aired on NBC again, Feedfame has learned. The first season of AGT: The Champions debuted on January 7, 2019, while the second season was aired on January 6, 2020.

Unlike the flagship talent competition series “America’s Got Talent”, which conducted the virtual auditions for the upcoming Season 16 recently, there were never any plans for America’s Got Talent: The Champions to be held annually. By taking some time off, the competition series can take time to make some new changes and start afresh when it returns. When the talent competition returns again on NBC in the future, there will be more talent to perform on the biggest stage of the world.

The first season of “America’s Got Talent: The Champions” witnessed many astonishing acts by talents all across the globe. Some of the popular acts include the winning performance by magician Shin Lim, winner of the show, and by the runner-up ventriloquist Darci Lynne Farmer. The second season of the talent competition series was won by an acrobatic dance group from India V. Unbeatable and the trapeze act Duo Transcend as the runner-ups.

Terry Crews made his debut as a host in Season 1 of ‘The Champions’ and was later hired as a host in Season 14 of ‘America’s Got Talent’. The panel of judges includes Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandel. Alesha Dixon replaced Mel B in Season 2 of ‘The Champions’.

Just before Season 15 of AGT, Simon broke his back in an accident. He was replaced by Kenan Thompson and Kelly Clarkson for the first two weeks but his chair was removed completely later. We hope Simon will be back in Season 16 of the show which will return later this summer.

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