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10 Best ‘AGT’ Performances of 2020

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We saw some incredible talents on NBC’s competition series America’s Got Talent in 2020. This year brought some jaw-dropping, emotional, heartwarming, and great musical performances on the stage of AGT.

Though the coronavirus pandemic affected different talent competitions it didn’t deter the passion and confidence of great talents that performed on the stage of America’s Got Talent. The show was held without a live audience and people cheered the performances of their favorite artists through virtual means. The pandemic didn’t stop the contestants from bringing emotion and amazing talents to the stage of AGT.

We saw many amazing performances this year; see our favorite AGT performances below.

Archie Williams- Elton John’s “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me”

His performance was one of the most heart-warming and emotional performances on the stage of AGT. Archie Williams, was imprisoned for 37 years and falsely convicted for a 1982 rape case and stabbing a white woman. Williams said, “I knew I was innocent. I didn’t commit a crime, but being a poor black kid I didn’t have the economic ability to fight the state of Louisiana at the trial”.

His emotional rendition of Elton John’s 1974 hit “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” moved everyone on the stage of AGT and even Elton John.

Roberta Battaglia- Alessia Cara’s “Scars to Your Beautiful”

Roberta Battaglia, an 11-year-old young girl amazed the judges with a cover of her compatriot’s self-love anthem. She performed on Alessia Cara’s “Scars to Your Beautiful”. Her soulful rendition leading into an explosive final chorus showed that her talent stretches way beyond age.

Kendi Dodds- Thomas Rhett’s “Be A Light”

The Utah native Kendi Dodds performed Thomas Rhett’s “Be A Light” with the piano. Kendi was coached by her father, a two-time Paralympian who shared with her “the importance of hard work and perseverance,” her biography reads.

Daneliya Tiuleshova-Harry Styles’ “Sign of the Times”

The 14-year-old performed on Harry Styles’ “Sign of the Times” in the quarter-finals to amaze the judges with her gorgeous rendition.

Voices of Our City Choir- “Sounds of the Sidewalk”

The judges didn’t know what to expect from the Voices of Our City Choir as they came on the stage of America’s Got Talent. But the group that consisted of every race, age, and gender had a special story that amazed the judges with their performance.

A montage played showcased members of the choir, who were homeless and unfortunate for many years and have experienced heartbreaking traumas.  “I thank God for Voices of Our City Choir. Somebody wants to hear from me, and I’ll be singing loud,” one member explains.

The Voices of Our City Choir received a well-deserved golden buzzer by Terry Crews for their performance on the inspiring original song “Sounds of the Sidewalk”.

Kodi Lee- Finneas’ “Break My Heart Again

Kodi returned to the show to deliver his amazing performance for which he is known for. Kodi was the winner of America’s Got Talent, Season 14 and he wasn’t a contestant this year.

Celina Graves –London Grammar’s “Strong”

Celina’s soulful rendition of London Grammar’s “Strong” amazed the judges. This song matched with the story of 30-year-old former star athlete Celina Graves. Her chances of making it to the Olympics were ruined after her injury during a high school basketball game. She refocused her passion and energies on music. Her performance showed that she’s a lot stronger now.

Sheldon Riley- Kylie Minogue’s “Can’t Get You Out of My Head”

Her powerhouse, emotional rendition of Kylie Minogue’s “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” was applauded by the judges. The mysterious singer from Australia used a crystal mask for her performance.

Nolan Neal- Candi Staton’s “You’ve Got the Love”

Nolan Neal performed Candi Station’s disco classic “You’ve Got The Love” with an acoustic guitar and impressed everyone with his heart-warming performance. The 39-year-old from Nashville, Tennessee told his story of overcoming addiction and about his father’s suicide through his heartfelt vocals.

“I think you’ve got great taste,” noted Simon Cowell. “You really did make it your own. You made it sound very current.”

Neal said, “It feels very good to see the promises coming true of recovery”. He also shared the support he’s gotten online and said, “It feels amazing.”

Brandon Leake- Original Poetry

AGT’s first-ever poet made history with his poetry reciting an inspiring poem about his young sister’s death. The judges were completely moved by Brandon’s performance. High school-English-teacher-turned -college counselor’s performance was applauded by everyone.

The opening stanza of his poetry read, “I have two facts for you/ One, I’m six feet tall/ And two, love is the most vulnerable thing one will ever have/ And you must learn to hold on to it loosely/ So when it leaves, it won’t exit so painfully”.

His performance even received a standing ovation from Howie Mandel. Simon ended up pressing the Golden Buzzer for Brandon.

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